Random Thought on One's Own Office

I have been kind of in the reverse trend of going back to office. Not that I'm inefficient working at home or in a café. On the contrary, I quite enjoy it. Still, an office offers other amenities: your own desk, which in turn allows an extra screen (starting from 22"), which in turn is dirt cheap these days, which in turn boosts your work at least 2x, especially if your work invovles coding or the use of virtual machines.

The real disadvantage, though, is this: good offices (in terms of cost performance—hey, office is for business, right?) are in short supply, whereas good coffee shops are many more. Plus we have this stupid, anachronistic Taiwanese law that imposes zoning and registration restrictions on office addresses, which further limits the option and the mobility when choosing an office. Plus the usual practice of having an annual lease. Boy, this makes moving to a new office very, very difficult. The red-tape hassle alone can drive you mad.