The Fable of the Ministry of Story-Eating Monsters

“Long time ago in a land where freedom was breakfastfood, there was a queen who made the following decree: A Ministry of Monster Censorship should be founded, with posts filled by many a story-eating monster. When a subject of hers spoke, the words were first fed to the Ministry. If the story-eating monsters decided that the words merit a story, they would munch, crunch, slurp, devour, or just sleep on the story, the fashion of which depending on their capricious moods of the day, whereas words that were worth nothing were dumped and retweeted verbatim to Twitter, Facebook, OpenSocial or other human constructs known as microblog.”

“Ah, no wonder there was never anything worth reading on Twitter.”

“And that’s why you’ll never find this story on Facebook, either.”