[A-Za-z0-9\s\n.,]-Only Programming Language?

Someone must have already said this somewhere.

I did more note-taking, email and document drafting these days on my iPad. Most types of text I can do it fine on iPad's on-screen keyboard, except one thing: code snippets. C and C-like languages use tons of symbol characters that often hide two level down on iPad's keyboard, and it's horrible if you need to write just a simply code snippet to get your idea across. The alternative could have been an external keyboard, but then the new MacBook Air now totally makes sense: Programming stills belongs to the veritable laptops.

Or does it? I stared at the on-screen keyboard and thought, maybe there is some programming language that can be written mostly using the Latin alphabet. Caveat: You don't want to make the language too similar to human language. Many scripting languages tried to do that (let x be Window, call open, blah blah...). There seems to be some tricky boundary between real human language and programming language. Maybe the keywords should be in some dead language, like Latin, then1?

  1. If you want to be really picky, there should be a * in the title, after the square bracket (Tumblr's Markdown escapes one of the characters if I type the expression in the body text, so I'm not going to do it). And, think about it, AZaz09 doesn't look like a bad name for a language.