Typhoon Disaster Exposes Ma Ying-jeou's Incompetence

Chiang Chun-nan (江春男), on Apple Daily News (蘋果日報), excerpt and translation:






If the military tradition "disaster relief is war fighting" still holds true, Ma Ying-jeou makes a terribly worrisome commander-in-chief. He doesn't seem to realize that he's in command. He went to the typhoon-struck area on his own behalf, bringing with him no one of significance but only his own kindness. Taiwan was hit by such a large-scale disaster, and Ma's leadership is nakedly exposed.


Crisis is handled by different levels of government institutions. The president has National Security Council at the his office, and the Executive Yuan has Homeland Security Office. For many years in the past they had spent efforts on building up a disaster response mechanism, bridging local and central governments, integrating logistics, and establishing the command system. They had prepared scenarios and mobilized regularly to drill the system. Unfortunately, these workings were either abandoned or left to idle after Ma took office. Now the government is paying the price for such negligence.

The key problem always points to Ma's own leadership. Were Ma a competent chief, he would have put right people into doing right things. In that respect, he is not even distantly comparable to former persident Lee Teng-hui or former governor James Soong. Neither is Ma on par with Chen Shui-bian, his immediate predecessor.

All these leads to the question: Suppose one day crisis breaks out between Taiwan and China, will Ma Ying-jeou be capable of handling it? Only if God blessed Taiwan!