Logo in the Age of Instant Communication

Ignacio Vasallo, on logo and branding in our age:

It was the first time any country had created an abstract logo to brand itself but today everybody thinks that all you need to do to rebrand a country is make a logo.

I think that's out of date. Logos are old fashioned. These days, you can communicate almost instantly with the world. And the internet means that message has got to be verbal. How many logos do you ever notice when you're surfing online? If I were in charge of making a new image for Spain now, or a new nation such as Montenegro for that matter, I would not be thinking about a logo. All you need is to be clear about what you've got to say. In this age of mass communication in English all you need are a few carefully chosen words.

His comment is definitely worth reading as he also talks about how Spain Tourism's logo was created by none other than Joan MirĂ³.