Reblog: A conversation Dan Wineman has every month or so


Even if Flash were the world’s best-engineered animation and interaction technology (which, lol, it’s not) scorn would be heaped on it for what it has allowed people to do to restaurant websites.

That said, I recommend that you write a nice email to your local Flash-webbed business and suggest to them, as nicely as you can, that they offer a one-page summary of what you need to know: hours, location, menu if possible. My favorite restaurant in the world has an eye-gouging website which nevertheless tells you all you need to know in the first three seconds of browsing.

I can't agree more. So many times I had to pick a random place to eat because the one I wanted to go had, darn, a Flash-only website. Flash is even more entrenched in Taiwan because business owners find it flashy, and flashy things mean they're getting the money's worth.

What restaurant owners don't realize is Flash-only websites actually hurt their business. Responsible designers should remind their clients that. Although I'd say the exact opposite is at work here. It's the incentive thing.