TapExpense 2.2

TapExpense 2.2 is available on the App Store now. The biggest new feature of 2.2 is the currency converter. You can enable it by tapping the Setting button in the Report tab. You can also set individual exchange rate or let TapExpense get the rates for you. If you do international travel a lot, this version is a must to have!

TapExpense 2.2 has also fixed a bug in the pie chart drawing. A few of our users have experienced the "missing pie" bug caused by a faulty algorithm. Now the pies are all in place now.

And, if you are an iPhone developer and are already having iPhone OS [REDACTED] with you, TapExpense 2.2 also fixes the landscape bug when running under that version. It still has some probem under it (as is under any beta OS, obviously), and we're working on that, too.

TapExpense is avaiable on the App Store for USD 4.99, and there is also a free Lite version you can try out.

Get your TapExpense paid version for free: If you're reading this and you have an iTMS US Store account, and you have tried TapExpense Lite and found it cool, write something about TapExpense on your Twitter or blog, and forward us the link to contact {at} lithoglyph {com}, then we'll mail you a free coupon code with which you can get the paid version for free. That's USD 4.99 for under 160 words! This is a limited offer since we have only 50 coupon codes for each version, so get yours today!