Did my share of participation in the annual open source developer conference in Taiwan. has lately become the most important open source scene here.

Mikimoto and I gave a talk on mobile-web app integration, and earlier the same day I also served as interpreter for a short Rails Q&A session with DHH, the creator of Ruby on Rails. The audience were thrilled about it, and David gave his insight on the migration path, best practices of keeping up with Rails development, updates on Rails 3, deployment of 37signals's own apps with Passenger, apps pros and cons of RJS, and advices on Rails evangelism. Thanks David for being able to join us from Chicago!

I wasn't able to contribute much to the community last year, but the release of ObjectiveFlickr marks the beginning of many things that I'm arranging into release-ready forms. What I did not metion at my talk at was that ObjectiveFlickr is also an open-source iPhone app tutorial upon which you can build your own Flickr or web service app. So be sure to take a look and see what you can make out of it!