Developing an App with Hands Tied

Garrett Murray, creator of the personal stats app Ego, expresses his frustration at Apple's iPhone app approval process that's creating a bad ecology that is a big disincentive for developers who work on fixing the problems :

This kind of thing continually reinforces something I’ve thought about a lot since the App store was released, which sounds horrible to say but it might be true: Apple is creating an ecosystem of the kind of customers I don’t want. [...]

I’m far more likely to get 15 one-star reviews when something goes wrong than I am to get 15 five-star reviews when everything goes right. Perhaps it’s just frustration speaking here, but when Apple ties my hands behind my back and lets users punch me publicly in the face without allowing me to at least respond back, it’s hard to get excited about building an app.

My biggest problem with the process is its intransparency and lack of communication (if any), which makes planning hard. For a company that is known for its secrecy and precision in timed marketing, its third parties pay a huge price going with the other side of such corporate style.