You Can't Be Too Careful

Sanjay Samani, on Garrett Murray's complaint that Apple's slow iPhone app review process is breeding bad customers:

This is completely outrageous. Ego’s users have paid good money for the product and rightly expects the product to work as advertised. The issues with Google are not the customers’ fault. Even if everyone has done the best they can, the customer is the one least at fault, having paid for a product that DOES NOT WORK.

To the extent that Murray shouldn't blame his customers for not understanding what "solved" means in developer speak, it's totally right. The problem, however, is not that Murray is not doing any support, but is bearing with a situation that he could do nothing about. As long as his new version doesn't come out, both his current app and his customers are stuck in limbo, and both sides are bearing with the consequences. Normally if a bug only occurs with a few users, ad hoc distribution can come to effective rescue, but given the popularity of Murray's software, such fix might be impractical.